Thursday, June 18, 2009

am i normal?

am i normal for not having super-duper-luxurious-wedding?
am i normal for not inviting zillion of people to my wedding?
am i normal for not giving bunga telur/kipas/towel/bunga telur at my wedding?
am i normal of thinking of doing a rock n roll theme?

all i know i am normal is ,i want to wear a good muslim bridal wear at my nikah =)
a good white one.


  1. helo! ah aku berat hati nak buat custom orders sbb:
    1. aku malas
    2. aku jait kdg kemas kdg tak kemas mmg unreliable.
    3. slalu risau apa yg aku buat org tak suka T_T

    thus, i fail.

    tambah2 lagi ang nak utk hantaran kawin. aduhh memang la tak berani jang oi. haha kang kalo aku buat tak cantik camana? haha risau risau. aku jait tangan ja ha semua. mesin tadak so sad. huhu

    anyway, this seems like a pretty cool wedding blog. and if i ever get married, i wont want a huge wedding full with strangers ive never even talk to. aku pon cam nak buat malam sbb siang panas. hahaha

    ok good luck!


  2. hoho dont worry about it.

    its your day and its up to you to do it.

    by the way,i heard a saying somewhere..

    "..invite people that you think will still be there in the next 2 years"meaning,invite close friends and meaningful people especially :)that is what i did.

  3. thankss babe for supporting me..

    i dont want random ppl coming..
    plus,semua melibatkan duit..


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